English Learners

Designing Instruction

Review the How to Support English Learners in Distance Learning infographic from WestEd. 1

Review the When Is Instruction EL-Friendly? infographic by Tan Huynh. 2 For more details, read Huynh’s full article, How to Chunk Instruction: Making Instruction EL-Friendly. 3 These tips are important for all instruction, but can also guide your planning of virtual lessons.

Read Distance Learning for ELLs: Planning Instruction by Kristina Robertson on the Colorín Colorado website (another great resource). 4

6 Key Considerations for Supporting English Learners with Distance Learning

Watch this 10-minute video from Christina Angkasuwan for more tips on how to support English learners. 5

Academic Language

Read 10 Ways to Get Students Using Academic Language During Distance Learning & Beyond by Valentina Gonzalez. 6 She includes a variety of in-person strategies as well as a chart for how to apply those strategies in a virtual setting.

Digital Tools

Read How to Use Technology to Support ELLs in Your Classroom by Jeff Knutson. 7 This articles focuses on digital tools that will be particularly useful for your English learners.

Watch this 3-minute video from Common Sense Education for an overview of how to use digital storytelling to support ELs. 8

Make sure to explore the Accessibility Tips section of this site as well.


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