Early Childhood

General Tips

Read Virtual Learning for Young Students by Craig Leager for developmentally appropriate tips for working with learners ages 4-7 in an online environment. 1

Read Empowering Families for Distance Learning in Early Childhood by Roisleen Todd for tips on supporting caregivers in providing students with hands-on learning experiences. 2

Read 7 Tips for Managing Distance Learning in Preschool by Melanie Muskin for more tips specifically geared toward preschool. 3

This hour-long webinar from Google for Education features a kindergarten teacher’s tips for supporting young learners with online learning. 4

Using Your LMS

Read Using an LMS with Little Learners by Elizabeth Lubeskie for tips on leveraging your learning management system with K-5 learners. 5

The following half-hour webinar focuses on itslearning (used in Harford County), but the same strategies can be used in any LMS. 6


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